• Program Director
    Kyle Williams
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    Grade 10
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Are you ready for a challenge? This four-week program is designed for motivated 15-year-olds interested in developing their own leadership styles and becoming counselors. CITs are placed in a Summer at Park program and partnered with an experienced mentor who will coach, encourage, and teach aspiring counselors how to lead a group of campers. Their mentors will provide periodic evaluations that will encourage and support each CIT to improve his or her social, supervisory, and leadership skills. Successful participants may be encouraged to apply for a counselor position in next summer.

Participants accepted in the CIT program should anticipate gathering as a group for at least one evening in the spring for a briefing about program expectations.


Program Director

  • Kyle Williams (3rd summer at Park)

    Kyle, a graduate of Boston University, has been working with young athletes in Brookline for over 10 years. He spent three years as a PE and health teacher at the Baker Elementary School before returning to his alma mater, Brookline High School, as the Assistant Athletic Director. Kyle is excited to bring his style of positive play to Summer at Park.


  • Chris Boswell (12th summer at Park)

    Chris has a master's degree in education, is the founder of G.A.M.E.S.@Work, and has been teaching and coaching children of all ages since 1995. He is currently a physical education teacher at the Edison Elementary School.