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    Leah Walters
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    Grades 3 - 8

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Creative Cooks       

Our culinary team will take campers on an interactive journey of skills, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We will learn the fundamental techniques of baking and cooking, all while enjoying the culinary process.

Foods of the World

July 9 - 20 (Grades 4 - 8)


Is your child ready to roll up their sleeves and help create healthy, delectable foods from all over the world? This two week session will unlock and open the door for your aspiring chef to practice essential cooking skills and master the fundamentals of cooking in a fun, engaging, and tasty manner. Your creative cook will challenge themselves to create mouthwatering specialties, traditional favorites, and explore new, healthier ingredients, tastes, and combinations. A sampling of recipes to be concocted include authentic French Crepes, Quiches, and Baguettes, Indian Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan, African Kebabs, South American Empanandas and Brigadeiros, and North American favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and Chipwiches, to name just a few. Grades 4 - 8

North American Road Trip

July 23 - August 3 (Grades 4 - 8)


Enroll you child in a tantalizing journey through the unique pockets of North America cuisine. And we’re not just talking about American cuisine. Our cooks will practice essential kitchen skills and master the fundamentals of cooking as they prepare cuisine from the incredibly diverse food cultures that colonize this region. Your aspiring chefs will create and sample dishes from Mexico, Canada, and all areas of the United States. Traditional favorites like pizza, stromboli, and short breads along with exciting options like poutine, burritos, and churros will provide every camper with the chance to create something fun, exciting, and delicious. Don’t wait, sign up now and give your child skills that they can use to create healthy culinary treasures for the whole family. Grades 4 - 8

International Baking (Grades 3 - 8)

August 6 - 17


If you bake it, they will come. Who you ask? Everyone!! Send your ambitious chef on a voyage across the world to learn the unique baking techniques that renowned chefs use day in and day out to ‘WOW’ their customers. We will learn the basics of making all types of dough, which serves as the foundation of bread, cookies, pastries, and so much more. Campers will learn to assemble sweet and savory quiches, tarts and pies, get creative with puff pastry, pizza dough and phyllo as we explore recipes such as Homemade Pop Tarts, Pizza Pie, Turnovers, and Spanakopita. And don’t fret, a variety of cookies will also be prepared, including Swedish Gingerbread Cookies, Italian Sprinkle Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Raspberry Linzer Cookies, and, of course, the ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Grades 3 - 8


Program Director

  • Leah Walters

    Leah has been coaching and teaching Kindergarten at The Park School for 10 years. Summer at Park is a special place for Leah where she has been teaching since she was a teenager! Leah has worked in many camp programs over the years, with Daytrippers and Creative Cooks being a couple of her favorites! She loves her dog, Cricket, her cat, Pele, travelling, and walking on the beach. Leah is excited to continue working at Summer at Park and can't wait to see what this summer has in store.


  • Tracy Duliban

    Tracy's love and dedication to children, combined with her ability to create a warm and nurturing environment, are treasured gifts to all who know her. Tracy earned a B.A. from Rhode Island College. During the year, Tracy directs Park's After-School Program.