• Program Director
    Robert Elwood
  • Category
    Science and Technology
  • Ages

    Grades K - 2

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Drobots LEGO Engineering       

Our youngest science campers will love diving into their favorite far-off worlds, while learning how they can build everything they can imagine.

NEW! LEGO Ninjaneering

August 3 - August 7

Session 1

Enter the world of Ninjago and become an apprentice Ninjaneer! Engineering and Ninjanuity are the focus of this full-day themed camp for LEGO fanatics. Learn to build Trains, Helicopters, Treehouses, and Beam Bridges before moving on to Skull Trucks, Dragons, and Spijitzu Spinners from Ninjago City!

NEW! LEGO Jedi Engineering

August 10 - August 14**

Session 2

Prepare for a full-day LEGO camp packed with hands-on and minds-on STEM fun! Build projects inspired by cool machines close to home such as Cities, Garbage Trucks, and Catamarans. Then build X-Wings, Energy Catapults, and Defense Turrets from a galaxy far, far away! Learn about BOTH kinds of ​The Force​ in this full-day themed engineering camp for LEGO fanatics!


Program Director

  • Robert Elwood

    Rob is the founder of Drobots Company, a nationwide program for kids and teens. The focus of the company is to integrate drone and quadcopter technology with a STEAM application. Rob has nearly twenty years in the summer program industry and has built and expanded technology, sports, and traditional summer camps. Rob holds a BA from Amherst College and is fully committed to building leadership skills and a positive, friendly learning environment for all Drobots Company participants both in and out of the classroom.