• Program Director
    Joseph (Gary) Krofta
  • Category
    Arts and Literature
  • Ages
    Grades 3 - 7
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Woodcarving Skills

Carve a handy utensil, whittle an animal figure, fashion a sapling into a fishing pole, or make a set of bow and arrows. In this hands-on program, we start with responsible knife safety and honing. Soon we’ll be peeling bark off stems of arrow-wood and fletching on turkey feathers. From saplings of hickory and other choice woods we’ll carve bows. Our raw materials come from the forest where every tree has properties suited for particular, useful purposes. Some peeled bark can be shaped into containers. Some young trees can be bent and twisted into a woodland shelter. In our outdoor classroom under the big beech tree, we’ll carve, peel, bend and shape this wonderful material into a variety of items, as well as practice our archery skills. *All tools and materials will be provided. Campers must be present for first day of this session in order to learn essential safety procedures.


Program Director

  • Joseph (Gary) Krofta (4th summer at Park)

    Gary brings more than 30 years of experience as a carpenter, contractor and conservation expert. He has worked as a project supervisor and carpenter at R. MacAllister Lloyd Inc, and has completed countless building projects for residential and business-based properties. Gary works with the Attleboro Land Trust on property improvements and conservation efforts, and is a Scout Leader for Boy Scout Troop 25 where he plans activites, teaches and mentors members of his troop. Gary received his bachelors degree in City and Regional Planning from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.