• Program Director
    Joseph (Gary) Krofta
  • Category
    Adventure & Nature
  • Ages

    Grades 3 - 8

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Into the Woods: Woodcrafting

​In the enchanting shade of our big old beech tree, campers will begin their journey by acquainting themselves with the tools of the trade and the proper use and care for them. After gathering raw materials from Park’s 36-acre campus, each camper will then learn how each tree, feather, and branch has qualities suited for a specific purpose or design. Whether that is what stem is best to fletch a feather on an arrow, what type of branch is best suited for a dream-catcher, or what tree bark makes the loveliest baskets. Campers will experiment with different types of wood to determine what is ideal for whittling and what may be better for carving. As campers convene in their outdoor classroom, or in their nearby woodland shelter, they will gain confidence in their skills and knowledge, while also handcrafting beautiful and useful products that they will be proud to bring home.

*All tools and materials will be provided. Campers must be present for first day of this session in order to learn essential safety procedures.


Program Director

  • Joseph (Gary) Krofta

    Gary brings more than 30 years of experience as a carpenter, contractor and conservation expert. He has worked as a project supervisor and carpenter at R. MacAllister Lloyd Inc, and has completed countless building projects for residential and business-based properties. Gary works with the Attleboro Land Trust on property improvements and conservation efforts, and is a Scout Leader for Boy Scout Troop 25 where he plans activites, teaches and mentors members of his troop. Gary received his bachelors degree in City and Regional Planning from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.