• Program Director
    Jean Devine
  • Category
    Adventure & Nature
  • Ages

    Grades 3 - 7

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Come Build A Meadow…

Come build a meadow! ​Be a naturalist and an Eco-hero! Join new friends in planting, exploring, and recording the wonders of a bio-diverse ecosystem garden. Learn all about soil, weather, insects, bees, butterflies, birds, and so much more. Through games, art, and science activities, you’ll document and share your experiences with fellow campers. Native-plant meadows offer essential food, shelter, and habitat for wildlife above and below the ground. During the two weeks of camp, you’ll get dirty and learn to use creative methods to transform a section of dusty lawn into an exciting ecosystem garden - a meadow filled with native plants. You will learn how to test and adjust the quality of the soil, plant and care for native flowers, and observe and record activities at the meadow.

See how much fun the campers had during the first year while creating the meadow and sign up to continue this amazing journey with us. Not only will we have fun being outdoors all the time, but the bees, birds, and butterflies will appreciate what you do too!


Program Director

  • Jean Devine

    Co-Creator and Program Leader Jean Devine designs and delivers fun, engaging curriculum composed of creative project-based activities that help children expand their appreciation of Nature. A nature lover and avid hiker, Jean empowers children to learn while planting and caring for a native-plant meadow. Before studying curriculum design at Harvard Extension School, Jean built a career in corporate communications and nonprofit leadership within the science, arts, and social service industries.