• Program Director
    Brianna Silva
  • Category
    Arts and Literature
  • Ages

    Grades 4 - 8

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Movie Making Magic       

​A slice of Hollywood comes to Summer at Park this year in the form of Movie Making Magic. Lights-Camera-Action!!

Movie Making Magic

August 3 - August 14**

Session 1

Campers will learn the basic concepts of making a movie such as: storyboarding, location, camera, shots, lights, sound, music, and editing through examples and discussion. Future “behind the scenes” directors will enjoy the hands on approach, while also getting to experience life on-screen using improvisation acting to play roles in their cinematic masterpieces. Primarily using everyday products such as iPads/Macs and iMovie editing software, campers will be arranged into groups so they can plan, film, and edit their own short movie to present to the other campers at the end of the session. As the directors of the films, each group will be tasked with determining the best schedule for filming and editing, so everything is set for the red carpet premiere. Look out Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, the stars of tomorrow are just beginning their Movie Making journey!


Program Director

  • Brianna Silva

    Brianna Silva is member of The Park School Class of 2014, and has been working at Summer at Park ever since! She recently finished her sophomore year at UMass-Amherst, where she is working on a major in communications and a minor in cinema and media studies. Since a young age, Brianna has been very passionate about the art of film. She is really looking forward to sharing her love of movies with others this summer!