• Program Director
    Kyra Fries
  • Category
    Arts and Literature
  • Ages

    Grades 3 - 7

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Sew and Tell       

​Did you ever wonder how to thread a sewing machine? Sew on a button? Make a strap for a messenger bag? Design the stuffed animal of your dreams? Join us in Sew & Tell, where you’ll have the chance to see a project from it’s start–a sketch on paper–to finish–your own item to take home and use or give as a gift. This camp is tailored to each individual’s tastes and confidence, and no prior sewing knowledge is necessary. We will start with the basics and build from there. If you have lots of sewing experience this camp will be a wonderful place to explore and build new ideas, as you’ll have funky fabric, buttons, ribbons, and even some faux fur at your fingertips! Come and sew with us.


Program Director

  • Kyra Fries

    Kyra Fries’ first foray into sewing was a tiny pillow she quilted with her mom when she was about seven years old. Since then, she’s explored sewing all shapes and kinds of garments, from Halloween costumes to dresses, ties to backpacks, capes to pants and everything in between. Kyra also loves knitting, crocheting, spinning (on a wheel!), calligraphy, and drawing. Mostly self taught, Kyra has also taken classes such as costume design and pattern making. When she’s not up to her ears in crafts, Kyra loves to cook and read. During the school year, she teaches English and is the Head of the Drama Department at Park. She has two daughters, ages 6 and 4 this summer, who love to make their own creations too!