• Program Director
    Giovanni Bradley-Campbell
  • Category
    General CampsPre-KK12
  • Ages
    Pre-K - 2
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The Lily Pad

​​Calling all campers: jump onto the Lily Pad for a summer filled with new friends and share new experiences with us in our general camp program.

Polliwogs (Pre-K)

In our Polliwog program designed just for those entering Pre-K who are bathroom independent, our youngest campers will spend their days engaged by music, creative movement and play, nature explorations, creating treats in the kitchen, daily swim lessons, and playing all kinds of outdoor games.  We'll have a chance to discover and explore the world around us during 'Noticing Nature', and sing and dance at our weekly dance party. The fun is just a hop, skip and jump away this summer -- come join the excitement on the pad!

Leap Frogs (ent. K-2)

​Five- through seven-year old Leap Frog campers spend their days hopping from one fun destination to the next on the Lily Pad! Each week includes artistic adventures, playing outdoor collaborative games, and cooking treats in the kitchen. These young frogs will work on their swimming skills during their daily swim lessons and sing, dance, and explore their creative side at our ever-popular dance parties. Campers will explore the beautiful Park school campus during 'Noticing Nature,' as well as creating nature-inspired art projects. Jump onto our pad to make new friends and share new experiences with us this summer!

So Much To Do on 'The Pad'

Outdoor Games

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor games with Gio! Every day, campers play games like Apple Hill, Alien Planet Rescue, Perpetual Tag, Huckle Buckle Beanstalk, Capture the Flag, Tunnel Tag, and so many more! Gio specializes in teaching us games we love, how to work together, and have fun.

Swimming Instruction

Campers will have a daily swimming lesson with one of our American Red Cross certified water safety instructors. Campers will be placed in small groups based on ability so that each child has the time, instruction, and supervision to build confidence and ability in the water while having fun!


Our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) Room is designed to engage a range of ages and artistic interests, styles, and abilities. Experimenting with building blocks, paint, clay, beads, gimp, ramps and pathways, and many more materials are all possibilities during our sessions. Campers will design and make projects that are truly unique and innovative, focusing each week on a challenge question that will utilize some collaboration and individual work to achieve the goal or come up with answers to the question.

Tasty Treats

Someone's in the kitchen and they are making some delicious treats! Campers will come together every week to create a variety of scrumptious and healthy snacks. We will measure, mix, bake and work together with all kinds of ingredients. With Tracy's help, we'll turn them into mouthwatering snacks -- and then we will get to sample our creations!

Noticing Nature

Curious campers will explore our amazing 34-acre campus. We will have a chance to discover ant colonies, different kinds of spiders, hold millipedes and listen to the songs of the many species of birds that call Park their home. Just like real scientists, we will ask questions and make discoveries about many of the creatures and plants that are on the Lily Pad.

What's Up Claudia?

A kindergarten teacher for over 40 years, our resident happy-making "Camp Mom" Claudia leads this group adventure to new lands, literature, and creations. Whether it's her favorite read-aloud story, a new way to play a favorite game, or an art project to inspire our young artists, Claudia is always full of ideas to keep campers smiling. From the youngest polliwog to the oldest leapfrog, once a week they'll be asking --- "What's up, Claudia?"


Campers will explore new literature with the help of their counselors and fellow frogs. These imaginative adventures will inspire group artistic creations, science experiments, building projects, and culinary treats.


Program Director

  • Giovanni Bradley-Campbell (15th summer at Park)

    Giovanni has been educating young children for the past 18 years. He worked at the Pierce School Extended Day for 9 years and joined the Park After-School Program teaching team in 2010. Giovanni studied mathematical science at Western New England College.


  • Scott Chamberlain (6th summer at Park)

    Scott received his BA in sports management from Mount Ida College, and his Masters degree in physical education from Boston University. He spent 3 years at the YMCA as a sports director before he began teaching Kindergarten and first grade at the Baldwin School in Brighton. Scott has been a Physical Education teacher in the Boston Public Schools for 4 years and is looking forward to another summer at Park.